About Us


The goal of Farm To Fork is to change the way we think about food security in our community by allowing emergency food providers to communicate directly with their donors.

Farm To Fork wouldn't have been possible without the hard work of many people, starting with the class of 3750 at the University of Guelph (pictured above).

Our Team


Dr. Dan Gillis
Danny Williamson


Corey Alexander
Lee-Jay Cluskey-Belanger
Oliver Cook
Beni Katznelson
Justin Tempelman
Jennifer Winer

Our Partners

Food Access Working Group

Lisa Needham - Chair, Food Access Working Group, Public Health Nutritionist
Kate Vsetula - Founder, Guelph Wellington Local Food and co chair of Guelph Wellington Food Round Table

Institute for Community Engaged Scholarship

Linda Hawkins - Director, Institute for Community Engaged Scholarship/Research Shop
Dr. Anne Bergen - Knowledge Mobilization Coordinator, ICES/RS
Dr. Erin Nelson - Broker, ICES/RS